LEGENDS OF GUITAR pays tribute to the greatest guitarists of all time and celebrates the guitar as a versatile instrument across genres, from jazz to blues to rock to classical and more.

What a show – original, exciting, and hugely entertaining. Two great talents leaving the audience shouting for more.
— Gary Williams

Cruise Passenger Reviews:

"We must compliment the BEST entertainers we have experienced: Matt Wolfe and Lainie Munro. We have seen them twice before, and they are an amazing duo- super talented with fantastic stage presence. Amazing guitarist. Amazing singer...Their show was worth the price of the cruise alone, and was the highlight of our cruise.” -Ian N.

"Finally I want to mention one of the most incredible talents on the ship- Matt and his guitars. The show on Tuesday evening was a highlight. I wished there were multiple shows as I missed the first fifteen minutes and regretted it as soon as I heard the riffs and vocals." -Alecia S.

"Matt and Lainie- the show those guys put on together was way beyond the experience of live music I've had on other cruises!" -Jeffrey L.